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A live transfer is an interested borrower, LIVE on the phone, who wants to speak to YOU! It's an
INBOUND, double-verified lead that needs a mortgage loan and meets your pre-determined lead criteria. ...

Spend your time on INTERESTED PROSPECTS that are transferred directly to your loan officers. No more cold calls, busy signals, expensive direct mail or oversold internet leads!

We deliver a SOLUTION that allows you to be more efficient and more profitable. Let us show you why we are the best in the business.

Our proprietary program includes:

Inbound Calls direct to your Loan Officers
Reasonable Return Policies
12.87% Close Rates…
Advanced Lead Management Systems (LMS)
Pre-qualified and double verified
Performance tracking, key metrics reporting
Real-Time Reporting
Flexible Filtering options
Consistency & Dependability – delivered daily
Script Analysis/Consulting

*Services Not Available to Residents of New Hampshire*


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